Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am utterly exhausted and Ty is still awake (it's past midnight) so I have to keep this brief.  I just want to share some adorable things he did today.  We were alone in the hospital all day and I truly enjoyed him. 

Yesterday we received lots of new candy options to build on the house from friends who visited.  Final pictures to follow soon :)  One of the items was an M&M container that has a battery operated fan on top.  I'm sure you've seen these.  Well, the King has taken to it.  He tells me "I want my M&M guy to cool me off."  So, that means I literally sit by the side of his bed, fanning him.  He gets so sweaty, I'm actually happy to do it.  Now I just need to convince him for a long overdue spongebath.  He prefers to "be dirty!"

He asked me for a late night snack before, so I cut up a grape in eight pieces (yes, one grape - eight pieces).  While I was preparing his grape, he said that he wanted to look through the pictures from school.  It was so sweet.  He recently received a book full of photos from preschool, and a folder full of artwork that each of his classmates drew for him.  It was so special.  Ty looked long and hard at everything.  Unprompted by me, he said "I miss my friends."  I miss them, too.  I really do.  He also said, "I'm gonna miss you when I go back to school, mommy, because some day I'm gonna have to go all by myself!"  I thought it was awesome that he said that.  That he is looking forward to going back, and all by himself like a big boy.  Some day is right, Ty.

At one point today, Ty saw I got upset.  I was just sad, and he caught me when I was teary-eyed.  I am usually much better at keeping this from him with the exception of a couple of times when he was in severe pain.  Today when he say my tears, he asked my "Why you cry, Mama?  Because you want my pain to be yours?"  I can't believe he said that.  That he remembers how I told him I wish I could take the pain from him and make it mine.  Boy do I ever.  I would if I could.

Ty had a good day.  We are trying desperately to get all of the details straightened out so we can transfer sometime this week.  Tonight is night #13 in a row, but if you think about it we really only had seven or so nights at home during the whole month of March.  It's getting tough.

The steroids are beginning to show a bit in Ty's face.  His cheeks are getting a little puffy.  In this photo it looks even more so because he is giving a huge "cheese" but it's so cute I just had to share.

Ty just said that he's tired, so I have to act fast and snuggle him all up.  Goodnight everyone.  Thank you, as always. 


  1. Wise beyond his years! I am sure we would all take some his pain if it meant he never had to hurt again...rest well little man!

  2. What a very special little boy. I know most of his strength comes from his will but I think a lot comes from the love you give him. We all need people who care about us to stand behind us and prop us up when we are down. I believe in Ty and I know he is going to be that big boy he talks about some day soon. Love to all of you. Your in my prayer Super Ty!!!
    Rose P.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes.. He looks great and I can't wait to hear about him getting stronger and making progress
    Stay strong..
    As always you are all in my prayers

  4. He is such a special, precious little boy!!

  5. Cindy & Lou,

    He looks amazing. What a strong little boy with an incredible spirit! And the King as well, how fitting. :)

    I think about you guys every day! Always praying for Ty.

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  6. Two weeks in the hospital UGH!

    Cindy and Lou, this bout will be behind you and things will improve. Being knocked down again and again must be more terrifying each time. I'm so sorry for this.

    However it doesn't phase Ty in the same way because he is full of joy and hope and is not afraid. It's the best we can do to be like him.

    I have so much hope that things will continue to improve. Ty will be strong again soon! I just know it!