Saturday, March 10, 2012

Counting the minutes until discharge

Ty is waiting for one more infusion of antibiotics, it will take 1/2 hour, and then we will be on our way home.  He will need to have the needles in his mediport changed before we go - and he is going to totally freak about that - but once it's over his reward will be leaving!  He needs a fresh set of needles to go home with because we are continuing the IV antibiotics for another five or six days.  We will also return for an Avastin infusion at the clinic on Wednesday.  I hate going home with his mediport accessed because he can't take a bath, but at least we're going home.

I just saw a little girl walking the halls with her mama.  It's been a long time since I saw her, but prior to this she was in the hospital for more than two years straight.  Either inpatient or staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  She was just a baby when her fight began, and she so much deserves a beautiful life.  She had a bone marrow transplant that saved her life. 

I registered for free via the following website, and anyone can register - it is so simple.  I noticed this morning that one of Ty's supporters posted an inspirational story to Ty's facebook page.  He recently registered with "Be the Match" and he was contacted to donate bone marrow on March 20th.  Wonderful news, Brian!  What a courageous thing you did to help another stranger who is fighting for his or her life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

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  1. I sure hope you're home by now! I've been thinking of you every day. Haven't posted but I've been checking the blog diligently to make sure everything is okay.

    Mostly thinking of you and Lou and the constant stress and anxiety this is putting you through. I care about you so much.

    Everybody is praying for Ty and that means so much. I haven't stopped believing in him one bit, despite anything - just so you know :)