Sunday, March 18, 2012

14 days and still waiting for Ty to be back to baseline

Seven to fourteen days.  That's all a virus should last.  Today is day 14 and it's still not 100% out of his system.  He is still complaining of headaches once or twice a day - most of the time they are bad enough that Tylenol doesn't do the trick and I have to resort to morphine.  He is also napping and more tired than usual.  Of course, this means that Lou and I remain concerned over Ty and what else might be going on, but his spirits are better and better each day so we try to remain confident that he will be fine.  Most of all, we're just trying ot be patient.  He completed his IV antibiotics over the weekend.  Tomorrow he needs to get bloodwork and then we can "deaccess" him (take the needles out of his chest) and I can finally give him a real bath. 

This afternoon, Ty called out to me while I was washing dishes and asked me to come over and give him a hug.  Of course, I stopped what I was doing right away and was happy to oblige.  While he had his arms wrapped around my neck I told him:

"You melt my heart." Something I say often.
"HAHA!" he said. "Mommy.  You are like an icepop.  A boo (blue) icepop."
"What?" I teased. "Why are you calling me an icepop?" I asked.
"Because you aw-ways melting!" he answered. 

So cute.  He's right.  I guess I'm like an icepop. 

Ty's left side is still very weak, and his eating is terrible.  We are back to square one on so many levels, and we are just waiting for the quick improvement that everyone keeps promising us.  Throughout the day, however, there are times when he is much stronger and vice versa.  For example, today he was scooting with his left hand palm side down, which is much, much better than when he drags the entire arm and his knuckles are sweeping the floor.  He was also bearing some decent weight on his left leg while standing, which is also an improvement from earlier today when he was very stiff and couldn't straighten out his leg or ankle to get his foot flush to the floor.  So, I guess his weakness comes and goes.  I just want it to be g...g...gone!

Here are some pictures just for fun while we wait patiently for his improvement.

Ty has strategically placed his foot over the cup to hide his candy from Gavin

Can you blame him?  Gavin looks like he's ready to swipe the candy at any minute :)

Trying really hard to lift his weak arm.

He did it!  So proud of himself.  His face is still pretty swollen, especially on the one side.

Beautiful Gavin

Peace out.

Before signing off, I just want to mention how wonderful it was so see so many great friends on Friday night at the event in honor of Robert Manzoni.  We had a LOT of fun, maybe a little too much :)  Thanks to everyone, for always being so supportive. 

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