Monday, November 28, 2011

Improved physical strength

Since Ty has been on daily chemo - our new life over the past four months - I simply can't figure out the "rhythm" of it all.  My instincts are always challenged because I don't know what causes Ty's bad days versus his good days.  I can't figure out why one day might be so much better than the next.  Today was a really, really good day.  I hope tomorrow follows suit, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't.

Today, Ty had an appetite.  It was wonderful! Considering he ate nothing but rice puffs over the past three days (which are only 25 calories per serving) I was so excited when he announced that he wants an ice cream cone this morning.  By 11:30 I decided it was close enough to lunch time to get ice cream.  But first, I told him, he had to have some lunch.  I never thought he actually would, but I was trying to plant a seed.  We ventured off to The Red Rooster Drive-in (eat your heart out, Nancy) and I was completely shocked when he said he wanted to eat a hot dog first.  He had two bites before he dived into the french fries dipped in ketchup.  After one french fry (it takes him five minutes to eat just one), he moved on to one and a half chicken nuggets before saying.. "Hey!  What about my ice cream?"  One vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles, please!  He ate about 1/6 of it.  I know this doesn't sound like much, but OMG - this is a HUGE meal for Ty.  He never eats like this.  I was so excited.   This continued until he went to bed tonight.  He ate more chicken nuggets for dinner (I ordered another one "to-go") and some corn on the cob.  He snacked on sour patch kids and nerds.  He had animal crackers for dessert.  It was amazing.

His physical therapist came at 4PM for their regular session.  I was upstairs at the time, but I was listening the whole time in case she needed me to join in during therapy.  Instead of the usual resistance, Ty was in great spirits.  He had a great day with his therapist because he didn't fight her on everything.  He actually stood for almost 10 seconds without any support, and he took two baby steps toward the couch 100% independently.  These are both very big "firsts" for Ty, and I was almost in tears.   Lou and I are always so concerned at how slow he seems to be progressing, but today was the opposite.  I was so impressed.  Later tonight, I let go of him and had him standing on his own for a few seconds.  He was scared, but afterward he said "Call Stephanie (our wonderful PT)!  I want you to tell her I standing!"

Like I said, tomorrow may be the complete opposite.  It happens all the time and I don't know why.  He is scheduled to return to preschool tomorrow after several weeks away and I am really hoping for another day filled with energy.  I want him to be excited to return to school - I know I am. 

Goodnight, everyone.  Thank you so much for your love and prayers. 


  1. The odd appetite may be due to the chemotherapy. I am 4 1/2 years out from chemo myself and my eating habits are still odd. Chemo really did a number on my appetite. I still cannot eat with metallic instruments. I must use plastic forks and spoons.

  2. he sounds just like my son (who is 3). wants this to eat, then only takes a bite, then wants something else, then takes an hour to eat almost nothing then wants potato chips because he's "not hungry".

    hopefully there's more good days and big steps for you guys ahead.