Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you for the birthday blessings

Yesterday was the greatest day.  It was a miraculous day on so many levels, and it was the best birthday ever even though we did nothing much at all.  Lou took off from work, and we just enjoyed our day together as a family. 

We went to preschool in the morning and Ty was such a sport about it.  He was really very happy to be there and I think he is getting more used to the idea of going regularly.  I wish I didn't have to accompany him (so that he could be just like all the other kids) but at the same time I am so lucky that I get to observe all of the edible cuteness in that room!  Those preschoolers just melt my heart.  They do the cutest things.  I think the boys in Ty's class don't even notice that he has trouble walking or that I am his Mommy.  They play cars with him and all the regular boy stuff.  The girls are more observant and they watch him a little more closely.  At the same time, they are also more forward.  Yesterday one little girl came right over to sit next to Ty at circle time and she grabbed his hand.  Another little girl saw this, and ran over to try and wiggle her way in between them so she could also get closer to Ty.  It was so sweet.  I was so happy to see them friending Ty so easily.  Just proves that he really is a lovable little boy (and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother). 

In an effort to protect everyone's privacy, here is a glimpse of the circle time action without exposing the other children.  Ty tried to sing along and do the little dances just like his classmates. 

We brought in some mini brownies and muffins for Ty's classmates, and he blew out a candle.  Ty refused to wear a birthday crown (he said "no, that's not cool"), but he did enjoy being the center of attention during the happy birthday song.  Here he is afterward wondering where he can get some more brownies (I actually ate his because he doesn't eat anything like that these days, but he was confused and wondering where it went).  Awww!  I feel bad after seeing this :)

Later last night, we snuggled up together nice and early and called it a day.  Ty was pretty restless by 4AM so it wasn't a very good night's sleep.  I think it was probably all of the excitement from the day before! And, all of the exhaustion from opening up such awesome presents :)

This morning he was nauseous from his medication, but nothing too bad.  Worse than that is the diarreah he has (sorry for sharing, but it's true).  He has had this issue for weeks on end due to the oral chemo, and it's ruining his appetite.  I actually had to take a stool sample into the local lab today and it was one of those mom moments where you find yourself doing completely disgusting things for the love of your life.  I will spare you the details, but let's just say it involved taping a plastic bag under his potty seat with a large enough hole so we could aim his "pee" outside of the bag.  It was a disaster.  I didn't hear about the results yet, but fingers crossed that he doesn't have any bacterial or viral infections causing this.  I really think it is just a side effect from the meds, but we have to be sure before we can properly treat the issue. 

Other than that, which is no big deal, Ty is doing terrific.  He has been so happy.  He is so excited about getting physically stronger, too, that he is completely wearing me out.  He wants to walk around the house constantly, he wants to practice crawling (which requires a lot of support because his arms are so weak), he has a method of rolling himself off the couch without too much assistance, he scoots on his butt all around the house and likes to race us everywhere.  It is amazing, how determined he is.  And his new and increasing independence makes him SO HAPPY!   

The weather was so beautiful today.  A perfect Fall day.  Unfortunately, we spent the majority of the morning at the dentist for Ty.  He has the beginning stages of cavities in several places.  I was told this would happen a long time ago because of his treatment.  He actually isn't allowed to brush his teeth with anything but a very soft toothbrush (raking up the bacteria in his mouth too aggressively can make him sick when his counts are low, and his gums can bleed too much if his platelets are low).  Poor nutrion also contributes to weak teeth.  And, the lollipop diet doesn't help, either.  I have a new plan in place to try and prevent further damage, but it will mean more work for me (another daily supplement and some additional cleaning using a finger brush and a special order toothpaste).  We stopped by Ty's Nana's house afterward as a reward for being such a good boy at his very first dentist appointment.  He was so scared, but he really did well. 

We made candy apples the other day (not the best transition after discussing the dentist, but it's true), and tomorrow I am going to take Ty and Gavin to the park or something fun outdoors so we can collect leaves (like Ruby on "Max and Ruby" - Ty's favorite TV show).  I just love this weather.  I want Ty to have the chance to experience so much of what he missed over the last year.  I pray this is only the beginning.   Please continue to believe in his miracle :)

With love from Ty and the rest of the Campbell's.


  1. I don't remember how I came about this blog, but I am so glad I did. Ty is such a precious angel and an inspiration to many. I always like to check in and read about how well he is doing and see that adorable smiling face! Can't wait to read about many many many birthdays to come! Love and well wishes from North Carolina

  2. Ty! You are growing by leaps and bounds! Good job at the dentist :) Have fun with your mama and bro at the park today!

    Love & Light

  3. Cindy--I had to share this. This morning my 3 1/2 year old son--Milan--told me to sit on his bed. He had something to tell me. I did and he said "Ty will be better tomorrow". We have not talked about Ty in a few days (he likes to watch the videos you post) so I was surprised this came from him. He than said 'his whole body is sick but he will go to the doctor and the doctor will make him better". Lets hope this little wisdom from a 3 1/2 year old reached Gods ears.
    Charlotte NC

  4. I have never in the past but I now believe in miracles.
    Go Yankees tonight!

    Prayers from Texas

  5. The miracle I mentioned is Ty, not the Yankees

  6. I am so happy to hear all about your wonderful days and how lil Ty is getting stronger and stronger and also that he is happy. I will always keep praying to God for lil Tys miracle....and I do beleive!!! xoxoxo

  7. The Matrale's of Georgia believe in miracles! Prayers to you guys always!

  8. I will always believe in the miracle that is SuperTy!!! He has strengthened my faith in so many ways. Keep up the fight little hero. We are all behind you.

    All my love always,

  9. I hope you had the best birthday TY!!! My niece Grace's bday is the 5th and she turned 4 too. I know being the two sweetest kids you would get along and play so great together. That wld be too cool if it happened one day! I hope you like the Spiderman picture I posted on ur FB page.. at the rate you're going you'll be just as strong or even stronger than your favorite superhero! I hope you got lots of presents and although ur appetite isn't great at least got to taste your cake.
    P.S. I love ur comment about wearing the crown.. and u look too cool in ur TY shirt at school! WTG buddy <3 Love Allison/Tink :)