Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A nice, quiet day for the Campbell's

Ty's 21-day treatment on oral Temodar is coming to an end.  There is enough chemo in the bottle for just two doses tomorrow and one more on Thursday morning.  It was taking a toll on Ty today, but his doctor said that it is to be expected.  That the treatment tends to build up and get worse as more time goes on.  Luckily, the worst of it just makes Ty extra sleepy and he had indigestion for a few days so he hasn't been eating.  I mean, no food at all other than apple juice and a blue push-pop in two whole days. 

Finally, tonight he started eating again around 9PM.  He ate four pieces of bacon and he told me, "I wub that bacon, Mommy."  Anything to get some calories in there.  Oh how I wub that little man.

Since he has been so sleepy, I actually got a chance to clean house and get organized a bit today!  It was kinda nice.  Once the doctor reassured me that sleeping until 10AM and napping for two-three hours is perfectly fine given the medication he is on, I stopped worrying and took advantage of that time by going through piles of recent hospital papers.  I wouldn't say it is 100% organized now, but I have nice folders and neat piles to refer to when needed.  Yay!

Lou and I are thinking about planning another family vacation around  Thanksgiving.  Something with a beautiful coastline and sunny skies.  We want to do all we can to take advantage of Ty's health and to celebrate everything he has overcome so far.  Of course we want some special time with Gavin, too.  At the time Ty was diagnosed, Lou and I had just booked a trip to Mexico for our anniversary.  Of course we cancelled, but we are thinking maybe that is where we will end up with the boys.  I hope so!  I am excited about the possibility of any vacation whatsoever.  Just a little scared about putting Gavin on a plane again after the horrific display of behavior to and from Disney last December.  Oh boy, that was bad. 

Tomorrow morning Gavin will be getting evaluated by Early Intervention for speech and behavior.  He is two years and five months and he has very few words, so this is long overdue.  I know he is totally fine, just slow to speak, but if there are services available that can help him along I am all for it.  As for the behavior, I am also in agreement.  He has just started to act out more frequently, especially against Ty, and I think it is a combination of being frustrated because he can't quite communicate, and being the sibling of a chronically ill child.  He is becoming more and more aware of Ty's situation, and I think it is taking a toll on him.  Don't get me wrong, he is wonderful, perfect, and tremendously resilient!  I just want to make sure he continues to be okay through all of this.  Here's the big goofball wearing my sneakers yesterday.  Love him so much!  Our Baby GaGa.

I'm gonna call it a night.  Lou is also awake and I'm going to try to <gasp> spend some quiet time with him.  Hopefully I will sleep well after winding down with a glass of wine and some mindless TV.


  1. Cindy & Lou,

    A vacation sounds like a wonderful idea! It might be very good for the 4 of you to get away!

    As far as Gavin, I'm sure this has been hard on the little man too. Kids may not know exactly what's going on, but they sense things. And he's 2, so acting out is to be expected!

    I hope you have a relaxing night and get some well needed rest! I think about your family every day!

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  2. My twins both went to an early intervention preschool offered here. They were wonderful with the boys. Chris was my slow speaker and I can tell you that within 6 months I saw a massive improvement. They loved the teachers nd the small classroom size allowed the kids extra attention when needed. Gavin has been thru so much he probably just needs a little push to start communicating.boy is he getting BIG!

    Ty looks amazing. He has become such a big boy over the last year. He has lost the baby look and gotten very mature in his face. I'm sure it seems like the cancer had a lot to do with that but Im sure he would have changed the same without going thru this terrible battle. I love the dark hair. And the curls are coming back! Gosh I just want to hug him!!

    All my love ALWAYS,

  3. Again, what a CUTE picture!!

    Mexico sounds like so much fun for you 4. I really hope y'all will go and enjoy the time away from everyone and everything. The boys would love it. I must have missed the post about Gavin acting out on the plane (if you blogged about it), was he scared?

    Hoping for another wonderful day for y'all,

  4. Sweet Ga Ga! I'm so glad for the services that will come to your home! The little Trooper getting some special attention to address his needs! He has certainly been a trooper as I have always said but that's not completely fair, I realize. Ga Ga has special needs too as the brother of a chronically ill child! Well you GOT IT little buddy! I have to say we live in a great country to have this kind of aid available! Even in this situation, we are blessed. Am I right or am I right?

    It's good that Ty is sleeping so much and you can have more time for yourself! I hope it doesn't get much worse with the side effects. Sounds like he staved them off for a pretty good time, no?