Thursday, September 1, 2011

Childhood Cancer Awareness

September is pediatric cancer awareness month.  I would be shocked if many of you were even aware of that.  I know I wasn't until I walked into Sloan Kettering for the first time in the month of September and saw posters covered in gold ribbons that were promoting the cause.  If I could, I would plaster the city - every city - with pictures of Ty and all of the other beautiful babies who are suffering with this disease.  Just seeing his face and imagining one of your own in his situation is powerful.  I want this month to be more impactful.  Please help me by sharing Ty's story.

One of my facebook friends who I have never even met (Anna, you are an angel) changed her profile picture to the following.  It's so sad to see my baby like this, I know, but the message is true and meaningful.

Please do something to promote pediatric cancer awareness.  Just tell someone that you know a little boy named Ty Campbell who is fighting for his life.  Share his website with a stranger who is complaining about what a miserable day he or she is having.  Remember the thousands of innocent angels who are all around us because of this terrible disease.  Or, best of all, register to be a bone marrow donor or consider donating cord blood.  It is so much easier than you think, and you can save a life.

Next month, you will see more pink ribbons than usual because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. No surprise there... women on a mission are powerful and awe inspiring.  I know that we could do the same for pediatric cancer if all of us cancer moms (and dads) weren't so consumed with caring for our sick children, sleeping in hospitals, worried about siblings or drowning in the loss of his or her most precious gift.

Childhood cancer is responsible for taking the lives of more children and teenagers than any other disease.  More than genetic anomalies, Cystic Fibrosis and AIDS combined.  1 person out of every 330 will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.  47 kids were diagnosed today.  7 died today.   When cancer strikes children and young adults, it affects them differently and the majority of childhood cancer survivors will suffer serious, chronic health problems as a result of treatment.  Pediatric cancer research needs more support and a cure needs to be found.  This disgusting disease has done too much damage already and it simply must be stopped.

All children deserve life.  They deserve to grow up.  Please spread the word and keep praying for a cure.  If I could pray harder, I would, but I don't even know what that means.  All I know is Ty is doing well right now, I am beyond grateful, and I know that it is God's work.  Thank you.


  1. Hi Campbell's,
    My name is Mary Kate, I was a night nurse on m9 and I had the pleasure of admitting Ty to m9 after a long stay in UCC. I know you meet 1000 people during your many visits, as do we, but his smile is something you CANNOT forget! I brought Ty some batman/spiderman stickers because I just couldn't resist how sweet he was and you guys stayed up late doing arts and crafts because he just wasn't tired yet (if that rings any bells) :) I just want you to know that I always keep up with your blog and I always keep him in my heart and prayers, and all the children that are fighting this awful battle. His story really touched a special place in my heart. I spread his story wherever I can because he really is my hero, and his story deserves to be heard! I am so happy to hear how well he is doing. His smile is contagious when I see the pictures I can't help but smile myself! I continue to pray that God keeps his hand on Ty and your entire family. I no longer work at MSKCC as my fiancé is in the Marines and he is stationed in VA so I will be heading there to be with him before he is set to deploy, but if there is anything at all I can ever do please don't hesitate my email me May God bless you ALL ALWAYS!

  2. Done! I'm telling everybody it's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

  3. Wow! Reading the stats of cancer is very powerful, thanks for posting. It is so sad and I hate cancer!!

    Hope Ty is still doing well. Can't wait for your next update.


  4. Cindy, your blog is beautiful. You do an amazing job keeping us informed about cancer. Not just how terrible the disease is but mainly how important it is to continue having faith. I pray so hard that Ty will win the war against cancer as I hope many others will too.
    Much Love and Faith,

  5. I am sooo incredibly touched that you mentioned me in your blog. I submitted lil Tys picture in the face book event called
    Childhood Cancer Awareness. If you go there you will see a lot of other childrens pictures including lil Tys and you could use them as your profile picture. I am praying sooo hard for a cure to this disgusting disease. I wish sooo badly that there was more that I could do. My heart aches for all these children and their families. All I could do is help get the word out, and pray. Pray with all my heart. And that is what I do everyday. Always praying for you lil Ty!!!

  6. I learned of the gold ribbon for child cancer several years ago. I wear my ribbon and hope someone asks so I can spread the word. I hope someday we can say the gold ribbon stands for cure.