Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As Ty likes to say, "I getting stawnga and stawnga"

Ty kicked off today with a rigorous session with his physical therapist.  What an amazing thing it is to watch him toss a ball into a bin, or scoot across the floor on his butt, racing Gavin.  He is a force to be reckoned with, but you all know that. 

Throughout the entire month of February and March, Ty could only move one arm and he couldn't move his legs at all - not even wiggle his toes.  In April, he began to lift his strong arm to his mouth to eat, wiggle his toes, and try to support his weak arm with his strong arm.  That is how limited he was.  I don't think many people realize just how bad he was just months ago.  In fact, he only started supporting his head in July (being able to pull away from my shoulder), and he has only been able to sit independently in a shopping cart (i.e. at the supermarket) since August.  All of our previous trips to the supermarket involved me carrying him or I would place a blanket in the cart to help support him as I held the trunk of his body straight and pushed the cart with my elbows.  I will never forget the first time I stepped away from the cart to grab strawberries.  It was just in late July and I was so nervous about leaving him to support himself, but he did fine!  It was so refreshing; like we found a whole new sense of freedom for us both.

His physical therapist is amazing.  He is only on his third week of treatment and he gets so excited to show off whenever she arrives.  She has two boys of her own, and I just know she must be a great mom because she so "gets" Ty and Gavin.  She says Ty has an advantage because he is relearning what he already knows.  In most of her cases, the children with special needs have to learn a new way of doing things that they otherwise are unable to do... so they are more or less starting from scratch.  For Ty, the ability is there, he just needs to build strength and coordination.  He is getting there.  It is taking a bit longer than I hoped, but I have no problem being patient with this.  As he continues to improve, so does the quality of life for all of us. 

Just last night I was lying in bed thinking about how much better he is sleeping now that he can roll over from side to side.  For months on end, he used to have to wake up Lou and I in order to turn over or reposition himself so he could be more comfortable.  Now he rolls over, scoots close and wraps his arms around me at any given moment throughout the night and it is the best feeling in the world. 

Christina, your comment about Lea wishing at the well for Ty to feel better and for his legs to get stronger made me cry a river - in a good way.  It was beautiful.  So sweet that a child his age would look at him with such love and care enough to spend her wish on his continued strength.  That she noticed his weak legs without being told just melts my heart.  I hope all of his new classmates at preschool - and first grade, second grade, third grade... are as compassionate and understanding should he have additional delays.  I think most of them will be.  There is always so much sweetness all around us.  I adore being able to stay in his classroom because I just want to devour all of those three-year olds.  They are so cute and just so funny!

When Ty was a baby, I couldn't wait for him to roll over, to sit up, to crawl, to stand, to walk.  I just need to remember how long it took for all of those milestones to be met, yet how quickly that time went by in hindsight and how much I miss those days.  Days like this one.  Ahhh, my baby!  I just love those baby days.  Now my boys are getting so big!  Thank you God. 

Shana Tova to all of our Jewish friends :)  Wishing you all of God's blessings in the new year!  Goodnight everyone.  Love you all so much. 

P.S.  In case anyone is wondering if the chamomile and mindless novel worked, I fell asleep around 2AM last night and slept solid until Gavin woke up at 7.  Not bad!!  Hopefully tonight will be even better. 


  1. It's good to hear Ty is getting stronger everyday. Pretty soon you will have to worry about him running around real fast!

    Prayers from Texas....Go Yankees!!

  2. I LOVE signing on to read great posts like this! My heart just gushes for you when I hear how well Ty is doing. Continuing prayers for his continued progress!

  3. Love you Ty Campbell! Such a handsome fighter :)