Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blissful days, sleepless nights

I am still so restless at night.  These days, however, I am happy to say that it isn't Ty who is keeping me up all night.  Just the buzzing in my head.  I am going to keep this post very short, because I have a new plan of attack tonight that involves chamomile tea and a mindless novel (no more late night cancer research!!!). 

WE HAD A GREAT DAY!  Ty had his second day of preschool, and I can honestly say that he had fun!  He was engaged the entire time, he only whined to me once or twice about going home, and being around the other children inspired him to be more physically active (i.e., he wanted to practice walking down the hall with his backpack on like the others, and he wanted to try the slide on the playground afterward).  The kids made apple muffins in school today, and Ty brought his home for Gavin.  He also ate a handful of goldfish at snacktime, just like his new friends!  This is incredible because Ty hasn't put a single goldfish in his mouth in months.  I was so excited. 

Ty's appetite has been pretty good considering the new meds he is on, and that is a huge relief.  So far, so good.  He hasn't complained.  Let's see how his bloodwork comes back at the end of the week.  I think it will be a strong count. 

XOXO.  Goodnight... sleep tight...

"The bravest sight in all the world is someone fighting against the odds." - Franklin Lane


  1. What a great big brother! I'm so happy for all of you. Being around other children is going to be such a positive thing for Ty. For everybody! I'm sure its going to encourage him to do lots of "mores". More eating, more physical movement, more laughter, more LIVING! That special little miracle boy of yours encourages us all to do more. I'm so thankful to have you all in my life, even if its just on paper.

    God Bless The Campbell's

  2. I keep going back to look at that picture of Ty from the previous post and he looks wonderful. When I saw him at Deb's In August- I thought he looked great then but I can't believe the change. I think about when I pushed forward in my mind on a comment and I referenced Ty's fourth birthday and how great it will be and now it is here. I can't truly grasp the complex range of emotions that you and Louie feel as his birthday comes but I am so happy that it is here! On our last trip to Adam's grocery store ( have you gone ?) lia made her usual request to see the fish and The wishing well.... I had introduced her to the idea of making wishes and of course Ty was Always on our list. It seems the last couple of visits that Ty was the only one on her list!! On The last visit she took a handful of pennies and wished aloud " I wish Ty to feel better and his legs get stronger". I never spoke about Ty's limited mobility so I realized that she must have concluded that from seeing Ty at Deb's and I delighted in her loud and clear wish. So Ty have a happy, happy birthday. Xoxoxoxoxo