Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In true Ty fashion, Ty's bloodwork from this morning has declared him as neutropenic.  It makes absolutely no sense since Ty's last dose of chemotherapy was adminstered well over 28 days ago, and the bloodwork was taken this morning before his first dose of radiation therapy.  The doctors have no good reason to explain why his red and white blood cell counts remained strong during the course of his last two chemotherapy cycles, yet now his counts have dropped dangerously low.  So weird. 

This happened before, when Ty was in the middle of his last radiation treatment.  Radiation rarely causes a person to become neutropenic, but for Ty it happened.  At the time, he had just finished fighting an infection and his doctor explained that the high levels of antibiotics that were adminstered had weakened his bone marrow and affected its ability to replenish his white blood cells in a timely manner. This time they don't even have an explanation.  He has been off antibiotics now for quite a while (and PLEASE let it stay that way).

It's totally okay, though.  As long as Ty doesn't run a fever or show any signs of an infection.  I have a feeling this won't last long, and it probably explains why he has been so tired/irratable (in between his totally adorable laughs and smiles throughout the day).  The bottom line is... Ty is happy, he feels good most of the time, and me and Lou are loving every minute of it.  Even at 5AM when I have to wake him up to get in the car.  He is a joy and he is improving with every day.  In fact, he continues to eat well and today he discovered that he likes Smartees!  He is definitely my child with his undeniable love of candy. 

Lou and I just love him so much.  He is laying in between us right now sleeping peacefully and Lou whispered... "I just can't imagine a world without him."  Neither can I.  I can't even go there. 

For those of you who aren't active on Facebook, I am sharing a link to a local story that was written about Ty before I go.  I think the reporter is a terrific writer and did a great job in sharing his story and depicting our day to day life.  Check it out  at Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the story happen.  (Erica, Ashley, Christina). 


  1. I read the article and I think they did a wonderful job with our little fighter's story. I'm sure anybody who reads it will be moved by it. And the pictures make you fall in love with SuperTy over again.

    I'm praying Ty stays happy nd the bloodwork means nothing. You're right, as long as he keeps improving then why worry. I can picture him laying between mom n dad, happy nd content nd soo darn beautiful. Nice.....

    All my love,

  2. Very sweet article, they did a terrific job. I hope Ty keeps that good energy up and that scary blood work turns itself around.


  3. Just know that I think about your family often and pray that Ty will get better soon.
    Love & prayers from Canada!

  4. You are very welcome Cindy - it was my pleasure to help out! I agree - the article turned out great! Hopefully, we can get some more. Big hugs to Ty!


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