Friday, July 1, 2011

Home for the holiday weekend!

We are home!  And, the best part about all of this is that Ty's doctors took him off of his TPN because he is eating so well.  That means we were able to "de-access" his mediport and he can go swimming over the holiday weekend!  I hope he will give it a try. I think it would be a lot of fun for him, and great for his PT if he gets in the water and kicks around a bit.  I think the weather in NY is supposed to be beautiful.  I just hope Ty improves with each day because he still isn't 100% which has me worried.

Ty's eyesight still hasn't returned to baseline, but his eyes are improving slowly.  I was hoping to see a more significant improvement by today, so I have very high anxiety over whether or not the doctors may have missed something during our latest hospital stay.  They deliver their thoughts with such confidence that I am totally reassured Ty will be fine, right up until they walk out of the room and my mind starts racing again.  I must have asked every doctor that came into the room about whether or not it is okay that it is taking so long for his eyes to return to normal.  I can tell that they are a little baffled by it, too, but they don't seem very concerned about it either.  It's so hard for Lou and I to stay calm during days like these.  We were pretty much silent the entire ride home while Ty slept because our minds were racing with worry. 

Luckily, when we got home Ty really perked up.  He was so happy to be here, Gavin was so happy to see Ty (it was adorable), and Ty began eating like crazy which I consider a sign that he is feeling really good.  He smiled a lot and was full of "I wub you's" all afternoon.  I felt so much better after seeing that.  Right now he is resting peacefully on the couch and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I'm guessing he will wake up rearing to go as soon as I try to whisk him off to bed with me.  Per usual.

Anyway, while we wait for improvement, Ty will be chillin' in his sunglasses, passing time eating chippies and blue lollipops.  Love him so much.  So happy to be home!!!!!!  I hope Ty and Gavin enjoy the fireworks this weekend.  Happy fourth everyone!! 

Special shout-out to GLOW - a very "happy fourth" to all of my favorite Wantagh girls :) Big huge hugs. Also to Linda and Catherine, you are the best. I had SUCH A GREAT TIME last night, thank you for the spontaneous dinner. I laughed so much and it felt so good. Thank you :)


  1. Hope you guys enjoy the weekend! Always praying for you all.

    It's truly amazing how your story has touched so many people. I have faith that you will all be able to look back on this and Ty will be healthy and victorious!

    Happy 4th!

    Kyle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  2. I am so glad that you could return home, this must be a huge relief for all of you! Hope that Ty's eyes will improve soon!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  3. I'm so glad to hear the Campbell's are home nd spending the holiday weekend together. I'm praying for lots of healing nd even more fun for our little fighter!!! Hope u venture into pool with everybody, would love to see pics of that. Lots of smiles!!!

    All my love,

  4. I'm so happy your family is home for the holiday weekend. I hope it's filled with lots of laughs, snuggles and I wub you's. If Ty goes in the pool you must post pictures! I just picture the joy and excitement on Ty and Gavin's faces while watching fireworks and i can't help but smile. Sending prayers for Ty to get stronger and healthier everyday. Thank you for your blog and sharing Ty's story with all of us. When I read your posts I feel your pain as well as your joy. I tell everyone I know about Ty and ask them all for prayers. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Looking forward to some pictures. Ty looks like on cool little dude in this sunglasses!
    Much love to you all.
    Los Angeles

  5. Ty is such a yummy boy in that picture. Likely his eyes just need a little time to return to normal. It will happen!!
    Just like Annette, I show and talk about your blog to everyone. The amount of people praying for Ty grows every day.
    With love and much admiration.