Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jackson

Jackson Bloom just turned six.  In lieu of birthday presents, he asked his friends to make a donation in honor of Ty Campbell.  In the eyes of any other six-year old I know, the world begins and ends with toys; and nothing is better than birthdays and Christmas for that very reason.  Jackson, you are one of a kind. Every day I am surprised by how caring and good people are, even those who are just six years old.  Thank you for being such an amazing kid.

Be Bold.  Be Bald. 
Speaking of amazing, I've been meaning to mention the slew of events we have been looped in on in support of St. Baldricks.  We have had several people reach out, many of whom we've never met before and one boy as young as nine, who shaved their heads bald in honor of Ty to support pediatric cancer research.  St. Baldricks is a great organization and I encourage you to visit the website if you are looking for some inspiration this morning.  http://www.stbaldricks.org/

I am still full from my amazing dinner last night.  I am so sorry I wasn't home to meet our new neighbor who delivered the meal (homemade enchiladas!) but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank her and the dozens of other neighbors who have provided my family with home cooked meals and groceries.  Our stays at the hospital have been brutal lately, and I don't know what we would have done without you all (well, we would have survived, but it would have been far from healthy or delicious).  Beef stew, lasagnas, baked ziti, roasted chicken, Spanish rice, I could go on and on… thank you!!

Tomorrow is our last day of radiation therapy.  RT has been working such wonders on Ty that we are afraid to see it come to an end.  However, we are encouraged knowing that the effects of radiation peak six weeks and even up to three months after therapy is completed, so we expect his improvement to continue.  With the exception of a terrible headache last night, our little fighter is doing great! 


  1. Wow....that is a very selfless act Jackson Bloom! Way to go, so sweet, and happy b-day to him!

    One more day! Yea! I am thinking of y'all and just wanted y'all to know it.


  2. Happy Birthday Jackson! What a gift you have given.
    Cindy you are so much, a supermom, a doctor, an advocate, a teacher, a nurse, and much more and all the love, devotion and strength that you have given will come back to you and your family.
    Ty, keep fighting strong. xoxox

  3. Thank you Jackson and nice neighbors and everyone else who helps keep the good spirits up. Last day of radiation and dare I say a break for the Campbells?

    Keep beating the odds, Ty. The radiation therapy is just what you needed. Now you win!!

  4. Hi Ty and his family. My name is Sophia and I am 8 years old. I began following Ty's story after I saw my mom reading something on her computer and crying. My mom and Lou grew up going to the same schools and they were facebook friends. Immediately our family began praying and following Ty's battle. Since then, we talk about Ty everyday and I wanted you to know how much he inspires me. Last week my brother and I found an inchworm and we named him Ty. I said we named him that because Ty is fighting cancer off inch by inch. Ty helps inspire us in so many other ways. We don't give....because you don't give up....keep fighting the fight! We love you even if we've never met.