Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's good to be home again

Ty had his radiation treatment early this morning and we were discharged around noon.  His team was very happy with how much he has improved, but not as happy as Lou and I.  Once home, he even ate a few bites of steak, four teeny tiny meatballs, a couple of pieces of cashews and four bites of cheese.  That's more than he has eaten by mouth over the past four weeks! 

I also offered him a blue ring pop which he happily accepted.  It was too big for him, though, so I had to melt it down under running hot water for several minutes.  Then, we opened a thoughtful package from some of Ty's favorite fans here at our local bank!  The girls at Chase in Patterson had been setting aside the blue lollipops in a box marked "Ty's lollipops" because those are his favorite.  They began to really add up since we haven't made it to the bank in quite a while, so they mailed them to us along with a care package and Ty's mouth dropped when he saw what looked like 100 blue lollipops!!  It was very sweet and very thoughtful. 

I also received my own package today in response to a recent post.  My friends Caryn and Mike felt bad when they read my blog post about my crooked glasses, so they sent me some new ones to choose from.  I let Ty pick out the glasses for him, Gavin and me - see below.  He's such a sweetie because he gave me the prettiest ones :)  I can't post these pictures without also sharing that another friend, Beth, works at Luxottica and has hooked me up with some major discounts on some "real" new glasses, too.  THANK YOU.  In the meantime, I will make due with the glasses Ty picked out for me below.  They aren't too bad :)

Ty's glasses...

Gavin's glasses

My glasses.  


  1. I am soooo happy that you all had a good day and that Ty is resting at home! What a big boy, I can hardly get my soon to be three year old son Wesley to eat that much!!! :O)

    Sleep tight sweet baby boy, big day tomorrow!!!

    ***hugs & Kisses***

    Love ya,
    Mary E. King and the rest of the King family

  2. HOLLYWOOD! These are great! I am so glad to see your friends are looking out for you and making sure you can see, glad to see you are home and hope Ty is getting stronger.
    Much Love and Hugs to you all!


  3. Love the glasses and the sense of humor that goes with them. Major illness can take so much out of a family, I am so glad that it hasn't taken that from yours. Stay strong, there are many families out here willing you their own strength. Love and hugs from NC.

  4. Those glasses are too funny! Keep the laughs and good times coming.
    Prayers from Canada

  5. Great looking glasses. My prayers are with you and your family. So glad to read that Ty is eating solid food again. Hey, lollipops can count as food too, can't they. I'm sure Ty thinks they do. God Bless. I pray for Ty every day.

  6. I am thrilled that Ty is doing better. His glasses are awesome. As always, prayers and love for you and your family. I would very much like to send a care package from here in Greensboro, North Carolina. Please email me at sullivan.brittanymari@gmail.com, I'd like to find out if there are certain things that Ty likes or needs or things that your family needs. Please contact me :)
    -Brittany Sullivan

  7. Where's the Papparazzi??? Lol. U guys look awesome in ur new shades! I'm so glad Ty is feeling a little better & so happy u both got to enjoy a fun filled day in the city. I'm hoping he's off those steroids soon and back to his old self in no time. Prayers & positive thoughts always going out!!! Much Love xoxoxo Allison