Sunday, February 20, 2011

A tough weekend filled with blessings

Ty and I drove home from the hospital Thursday evening grinning from ear to ear and leaving a trail of dust behind us.  We don't need to return for a follow-up appointment until Friday and we were so excited to sleep at home after 12 nights sharing a hospital bed.  The past three days have been tough because Ty still has a long road to recovery, but it's also been sprinkled with enough beautiful moments to allow Lou and I to appreciate how lucky we are.  Like when Ty opened up a package from a complete stranger (sent via an old friend of Lou's) that included this Nemo doll.  The doll is the same that another little boy names Carson carried around when he was diagnosed with cancer at 3 years old.  He is now cancer-free at 7 and his mother was inspired by our little fighter to send this very special memento to Ty.  Nemo's character represents everything that our little boy is, a fighter who is filled with love and never gives up :)
Or, the time that Gavin climbed on top of his brother, laid down and closed his eyes as if to take a nap with him when Ty first got back the hospital.  That routine got old quick, though, and resulted in Ty yelling and me pulling Gavin off of his brother over and over again throughout the weekend.  Typical brothers.  Gavin likes to grab Ty's hats and run away with them.  Ty does NOT think it is nearly as funny as Gavin does.  Still, we enjoy those very normal moments of annoyance in the household.  Speaking of Gavin, look at the mess he made for his poor Dad this evening. It's hard to make out, but that is a piece of corn on his forehead. Menace!  :)
Ty is amazing.  The picture below was taken only 8 days ago, yet he was sitting up all weekend, telling jokes, smiling a lot and we even made it out to the dollar store and the supermarket today.  Ty did get sick and throw up in the dollar store, but we were prepared and he brushed it off immediately.  He asked for a Ring Pop and we were on our way. 

Last night, Ty allowed me to hold and snuggle him for the first time in weeks.  He is usually too apprehensive about moving his head around and he thinks it will hurt if I hold him, so I know he must be feeling better.  He fell asleep as I cradled him and I just couldn't help but begin weeping and weeping.  The tears just wouldn't stop.  He's grown so much over the last six months (and in so many ways), but his face is the same face I've been staring at for hours on end as he lay in my arms since the day he was born.  He's the most beautiful thing in the world.  Please God, don't ever let my arms be empty. 


  1. You are ALL just so amazing. Sending you all our hugs, love and prayers. Hope to see you soon!! <3

  2. Lord Keep your hand on Ty and your loving arms around this precious family! May your days ahead bring you joy and lots of smile. (Hugs)

  3. I pray to God all day every day that Ty survives this! He is the most precious, kindest, sweetest and thoughtful child I know (and I'm not just saying that because I'm his Aunt) it would only be a senseless tragedy! So I explained to God that Ty must not lose this fight! I know lot's of good people die but not him. People say there is always something to learn from tragedy, but not this one. I don't believe these people understand the strength and closeness of the family and friends we are surrounded by, we could not get any closer! If this is his plan he is wrong! So here I am telling God he is wrong. I believe in my heart it is not his plan Ty will endure, we all will because we will not give up until we do and neither will "Our Little Fighter" or as I prefer to call him my "Little Bad Ass"! Please Dear God make Ty cancer free and let him live a long, healthy happy life! Please!!!

  4. Im so happy to hear that Ty is home and with his loving family. I think about your family everyday! I told my daughter (whos 4) about Ty and she now calls him her friend :) We check here everyday to make sure Ty is doing well. Again I wish Ty the best of luck and he has many many people praying for him everyday.

  5. Reading this left me feeling bittersweet. I have been checking back so many times this weekenend waiting to hear how he is doing. I just kept telling myself that you were spending time doing a much more important thing, spending all your time with Ty! I had to believe that he was OK. I am glad to hear that you have retured to some degree of normalcy. But then, your weeping, made me weep tremendously!! I just couldn't imagine not being able to hold and cuddle my little guy even for a few weeks and I could totally see myself in your situation of doing whatever my baby wanted, even if it meant not being able to hold him because of his fear of discomfort. Its not suprising that you weeped so hard, I would have found myself doing that over and over again!! My life has changed this last six days since first hearing your story. I wish I knew you and could talk to you and Ty and through this blog I fell like I kinda do. I don't even know if you get a chance to read all these posts, especially since some of us are strangers to you. I certainly understand if you don't, but I still have to post how I feel. I wish I could ask you what the plan is now? I have been reading your posts trying to peice it together? I will just keep reading.....
    I can not tell you just how terribly sorry I feel for Ty and your family, the feeling is so strong for me as a mother of four and as I mentioned in an earlier post, my youngest is just a few months older than Ty, it really hits home for me and I am weeping right along side of you while sending my most positive thoughts...I tell myself often that this day too shall pass and before you know it, we will be hearing reports of his 8th birthday and how he has been totally cancer free!!!

  6. I read your article on AOL a few wks. back. I then found your blog and saved it in my favorites and I read your updates daily. You and your family are constantly on my mind. I think about y'all ALL the time. Ty is so precious, strong, and amazing. I really hope for him a speedy recovery from this latest surgery and a quick bounce back for normal life for y'all w/ a cancer-free little boy! Keep strong! :)

  7. Ty continues to impress me! He is truly an amazing little boy! I remember holding Ty at the First's holiday party, he was just an infant and I remember looking at his adorble face and thinking I have to do this again. 2 months later I was pregnant with Sienna! We are thinking of you all and praying for TY always.
    oxox Raena

  8. Bless him! I'm so glad you're having some normal time at home. I'm praying and checking your blog everyday for updates.

  9. Dearest Cindy, Lou, Ty and Gavin:

    We are sooo happy you are all back home and spending quality time together. We continue sending our LOVE and giving THANKS to God for the miracle happening before us.

    We love you soo much, and know this has been a roller coaster. In it you can puke with Ty, cry with Ty, laugh with Ty, Love with Ty; because it is ALL THE LOVE you all share that will restore his health. See it; FEEL it!

    I love Nemo! Like Dory said to him: Just keep swiming, swiming, swiming!

    Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    Love is staying up all night with a sick child - or a healthy adult. David Frost

  10. May God continue to bless you with Ty in your arms forever.
    I wish there was something I can do, we can do. I would do it in a minute, unconditionally.

    God Bless You All.

  11. Hey Lou,
    It's Jimmy Gucciardi. I was in chiro school with you. I saw Rudy a few weeks back and we were talking about kids and family and he mentioned what you guys have been going through. I haven't stopped thinking about your little boy since. Just want you to know I'm praying for him. Sounds like he has a strong mom. God bless you guys.

  12. I'm behind on my postings b/c I was at a loss for words after this tear-jerker the other night.

    Actually I wasn't at a loss for words. I should have just posted it then. Can you say LOL??? Lil' Mr. Gavin with a nice face full of food and grin ear-to-ear, and corn kernel all up on the forehead!!! LOLOLOL!