Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One foot out the door

Let's hope the other foot can follow.  I am showered, did the laundry, packed up the room, got Ty dressed... now we are sitting and waiting for discharge.  The doctors ordered a lumbar puncture today to make sure the Listeria (a bacterial infection that was found in his bloodstream the other day) hasn't made it's way into his central nervous system.  If the white blood cell count looks normal and if the discharge nurse can arrange for the IV antibiotics to be delivered to my house today despite the snowstorm, then we can leave.  There are definitely some obstacles, but I am hopeful :)

The lumbar puncture will also give his oncology team a chance to look at the cytology in his CSF to again explore the possibility of whether or not his disease has metastasized and spread into the fluid.
Please, God, no.  I am confident that they will not find any cancer cells in the cytology - but that doesn't mean I am not a nervous wreck at the same time.  Just like with any MRI, I often have a feeling about whether or not things will look stable, but I am still holding my breath until the doctor visits to review the results.  I'm told the cytology results will be in tomorrow.

In the meantime, Ty is feeling great, he is experiencing less and less head pain - FINALLY - and the MRI results show that his original tumor is stable for now.  We are waiting for some of the new blood to dissipate to determine exactly what is going on with the tumor (is it growing, is it still necrotic, or has it stayed the same over the past couple of months).  The last time he experienced a bleed like this it was at least two weeks before the blood began to reabsorb into the body, so I don't think we will have a good idea on next steps - whether he requires surgery or if he can continue with his original chemo regimen - for another 2 or 3 weeks.  I imagine we will continue to meet with his doctors once or twice a week in the interim and I will keep you posted on what transpires. 

Thank you for the love and support.  Hugs and kisses from Ty, as always.  XOXO.


  1. Good reports, all things considered. I know it is so difficult for you guys but thank god Ty has such amazing parents. He deserves the best ones and he got them!

    I'm delighted the tumor appears stable on the MRI! It's truly great news. We are so lucky about that. I'm more delighted to report that the CRI (Colleen Rosen Imaging) actually shows the necrotic tumor to be shrinking and shriveling in a painless fashion for our little fighter!

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  2. I love Collen's great report!
    I also saw it in my last visit,
    health comes slowly but surely.

    Patience combined with hope
    and toooons of LOVE;
    not to mention, GREAT parents like yourselves
    will bring Ty into health.

    Our prayers continue!

    A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else. George Savile

    Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. Saadi