Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ty did great!

Chemo is complete.  We have to come back for an appointment tomorrow to check his fluids and take some blood cultures, but he has otherwise completed Round 2 and he did great.  I just feel bad because he had a pretty rough morning on our way in. We left the house at 6:15AM and the poor baby was sick from 6:30 until we arrived at 7:30.  Lesson learned!  I will never take him in the car like that without giving him anti-nausea meds in advance.  I felt SO bad!  I did give him some medication in the middle of the night, just to be ahead of the game, but it was too soon to give him another dose before getting in the car.  Next time I will time that better :)

Ty ran a low fever earlier in the day, but since noon he has been feeling really good.  Playing games, visiting the toy room, watching movies, and he still has a pretty decent appetite.  I am very impressed.

Ty made a couple of fun Fall crafts with Nana and Aunt Debi today, and he just told me that he wants to give them to his little brother.  He really is so sweet.  We hope to get home tonight before Gavin is in bed tonight so we can give them to him (although they aren't really appropriate for an 18 month old!).  Last night was a late night and Ty didn't get to see him all day.   More tomorrow...

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