Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Day at MSK... but it's okay

Well... we will not be going home on Thursday, but it's okay.  Ty had some setbacks today, including head pain and a scary episode where his heartrate skyrocketed.  My poor baby just can't catch a break.

We spoke to neurosurgery and decided to hold off on the surgery that was originally planned for tomorrow.  Not because of what happened today but because the neuro team remains baffled by the amount of CSF fluid that is draining.  It continues to decrease, and it is at a level now that is practically insignificant.  Yet, he does not have an increase in intra-cranial pressure.  These two things alone would lead them to deduce that Ty does not require a shunt.  But, as I explained the other day, the enlarged ventricles that show on his CT are still a big concern.  We want to give Ty a bit more time to see if a slower weening process might help his body to learn to reabsorb CSF fluid without straining the ventricles.  We are going to "experiment" over the next couple of days and if it doesn't work he will have surgery on Monday.  If it weren't for the holiday weekend it would be as early as Friday, but our surgeon won't be here. 

We won't see our family on Thursday, but Gavin is going to come spend the day with us at the hospital on Friday and that will be such a great day.  We are really looking forward to it.  Thanksgiving isn't a holiday that Ty really understands, so he won't miss it.  And Lou and I are actually looking forward to a quiet day together, just us and Ty, with minimal interruptions from the hospital staff.  We are going to just enjoy each other for one whole, quiet day. 

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  1. I'm bummed you're not going to go home. I totally prayed to Chief Wantagh and I can't imagine what is going on except that it is better this way for Ty. I know Chief Wantagh was going to pull some strings.

    Now I pray that you have a wonderful day with your little turkey regardless! Even in the hospital you can CELEBRATE and everyone will be celebrating in the spirit of the holiday. This will be easier if Ty's body cooperates but you'll just have to leave that up to his body. The body never stops healing itself in the face of anything. It never gives up. It's just doing it's thing and working around the curve balls.

    Thinking of you always,