Sunday, November 21, 2010

Night #11 in the hopsital and counting

Well... it doesn't look like we will be getting out of here for Thanksgiving, but there is still a small chance, and I'm holding onto that until we meet with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. 

As of this morning, Ty was showing great signs that he wouldn't require a new shunt.  The neurosurgury team was so enthusiastic about how little CSF has been draining since they externalized the shunt, that we were even talking about the possibility of removing the hardware and going home before Thanksgiving.  Then they did a CT scan and came back with the opposite conclusion.  His ventricles, which channel the fluid in his head, were swelled up to about 4X the size since his last CT scan.  This shows that the fluid is indeed building up and that he does require another surgery to have a new shunt placed. 

The worst part about all if this is that the original shunt hasn't grown back any signs of infection on the cultures, which means that the entire process of removing it was futile.  No one can explain his headaches, either.  We need Dr. House to figure this out for us, because it's really making me crazy.  I just continue to chalk it up to tumor destruction, although the MRI doesn't show any significant inflamation or pressure on the brainstem. 

Who knows.  I just know that I want him to feel better, I want him to be able to get out of bed, I want him to play and I want to see Gavin more than you can imagine.  That is what has been hurting Lou and I the most this past week.  We miss our baby GaGa so much.  And we miss having a normal day: cheerios all over the floor, off to work, dinner, bath, bed. 


  1. Maybe Ty's body knows what it is doing more than the doctors. Maybe everything is going RIGHT. I believe in this. Though I am sorry about another surgery being on the table and I have hope he will not need it afterall.

  2. Dear Ty,
    Ever since I heard of your sickness i have been praying for you. I trust the lord that he will make you better. Have a happy thanksgiving!
    Love, Denise Filemon