Friday, November 26, 2010

Brotherly love

Today was an incredible day.  Ty is feeling great!  His headaches seem to be gone altogether, he sat up a couple of times, he was wide awake all day and talking about how he's ready to go home soon.  "As soon as they get the tubie out of my head," he says. 

The visit with Uncle Bill, Aunt Lorraine and GA-GA was great.  The nurses broke the rules for us and allowed Gavin to come into Ty's room - which was such a blessing.  Ty was so happy to see him, and when the doctor asked him, "how is your brother?" Ty replied "BIG!"  Lou and I think so, too!  Not sure what Aunt Theresa is feeding him, but she did tell me he ate two slices of pizza for dinner the other night and I noticed it is going straight to his thighs :)

This was the best I could capture with my phone.  Brotherly love.  Doesn't Gavin look huge?

Tonight Ty said something that made me run out of the room to cry.  He called me in close for a hug and a kiss, and after I gave him an extra long hug he asked, "MaMa...You want me to get bedda?"  I got so choked up immediately, I could barely answer, "Yes, baby.  I want you to get better more than I want anything in the entire world."  I hope God was listening.


  1. OMG, totally crying with you. They look so cute. I can't wait to get all our boys together and let them wrestle. Miss you. Rachel

  2. Praying for you guys everyday! Ty is so sweet and such a trooper! Gavin does look so big in that picture... he looks as big as Ty! So glad you had a nice day together. oxoxox Raena

  3. They are tooooo cute. I'm glad he is feeling better. God please hear our prayers!

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