Friday, October 22, 2010

Patiently waiting for improvement

They say babies do all their growing while they sleep.  I think they do all their healing that way too, so if that's the case Ty will be healthier than all of us in no time :)  He is just sleeping the days away, which is fine with me.  When he is awake, he is in a lot of pain.  He does have a few moments throughout the day where he cracks a smile and considers trying to sit up to color or watch a movie, but it doesn't last long before his head starts hurting and he wants to lay back down.  The doctors keep reassuring us that this is to be expected given his situation, and it's going to take time before his pain dissipates.  Until then, we are keeping him as comfortable as possible with medication and lots of rest. 

I can't rave enough about the care he is getting here at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  The nurses are so kind and caring, the doctors are very attentive, and the facility is top notch.  Of course, it would be nice to get home, but if we are going to be stuck at a hospital this is a good place to be.  I realized today that I have slept next to Ty in a hospital bed almost every night since August 8th, with the exception of a few short stretches back at home.  It's beginning to take a toll, but as long as he's here I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.