Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally, an uneventful day

With the exception of a minor belly ache, today was a surprisingly uneventful day.  What a joy!  Ty and Gavin both slept late because they must have been totally wiped out from our trip.  Ty finished one of his antibiotics today, also, which I know he is very happy about because he hated it every time I hooked it up to his feeding tube.  The only problem is that Ty is still wide awake and doesn't want to go to sleep. 

As I mentioned before, he pretty much rules the roost these days and now that he's back at home we're having a hard time regaining any authority.  So, he's sitting here late night surrounded by treats and watching Dora the Explorer.  And I remain at his beck and call, as usual.  Who cares, just having him next to me and seeing his sh*t eating grin every time he asks for something he knows he shouldn't have makes me so happy. 

We don't have any appointments until Tuesday, so we hope to have another easy going day tomorrow, and a weekend filled with family and friends.  Thank you all so very much for keeping tabs on our little fighter and for the outpouring of support we continue to receive.  We are so incredibly lucky to have people like you who care in our lives.  We feel very blessed. 


  1. Sounds good. Hope the weekend is great!

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